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Our online training module, "Preventing Harassment in the Workplace" will be ready in May!

This e-learning module will offer content that complies with the Quebec Labour Standards Act and is intended for both employees and managers. It will be a valuable tool for businesses that want to prevent harassment in the workplace, maintain a harassment-free environment and know what to do in the event of proven harassment. It is presented in a learning-friendly format, with interactive and engaging content for the learner.

The pedagogical content of the training has been carefully designed by our team and validated by a lawyer so that it is perfectly in line with Quebec law, which requires companies to have an internal harassment policy and to inform and train their employees on the subject. According to this law, the employer must take reasonable steps to prevent psychological and sexual harassment and, when such conduct is brought to their attention, to put a stop to it.

The Preventing Harassment in the Workplace training will be ready as of the end of May 2020, but you can book it now. Ask us how we can customize it with your company's colours!

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