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Customized Online Training Modules

We offer needs analysis, instructional design, audio and video production, media integration, testing and evaluation, and all steps required to complete quality online training.

Octo D is also specialized in the localization of training courses in several languages.

These three additional services may complement our regular production services:

-  Our annual tracking service allows you to have a convenient hour bank to carry out updates or corrections after training delivery.


- Our consulting service is available to any organization wishing to have mentorship on any aspect of online training.

- (to come) Our online course hosting service serves smaller organizations that do not have the means to set up their own hosting platform (LMS).


Reflections, discoveries, sharing


We are receiving more and more conference requests, given our activities and projects are attracting the attention of the media and various institutions.

Our client testimonials give us a profound sense of genuine usefulness to our clients, peers, and the public at large.

We have therefore created conferences on entrepreneurship, nomadism, our Nomad Coliving project, and of course, on e-learning.



Online Training Library

We develop courses and interactive models that will soon be available for rent in our online library.

It is possible to add an adaptation and translation service in consultation mode to customize these modules and increase efficiency.

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