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Octo D joins forces with Technologia to present new Articulate Storyline 360© training

As digital course conception expert, Octo D has extensive knowledge of Articulate Storyline 360. This award-winning software facilitates the development of corporate interactive training. Storyline is the content creation tool in the Articulate 360 suite. Among other things, this software suite also includes Review, a tool for sharing training with individuals, such as the ones in charge of QA.

Our partnership with Technologia, a centre of expertise for skill development and education engineering, is deeply rooted in our shared willingness to pass on our know-how and expertise. With that in mind, the first training will take place on February 6, 2020, in Quebec City and on February 14, 2020, in Montreal.

It will be given by our learning designer alchemist with over 20 years of experience in the multimedia training field, Hélène Caura. Also, Maria Kinoshita, founder of Octo D and skilled learning experience generator, will be assisting her in training preparation. Digital tools like Storyline hold no more mystery for both Hélène and Maria.

Register now on Technologia website!

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