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Find inspiration in codev to create training video scenarios

After a long break, we are back to the "Show & Tell" in person. We use these events to share our knowledge, talk about our challenges and network.

On January 26, 2023 at 6pm, Helene Caura from Octo D welcomes Aurélia Juif-Leclerc, a writer of educational content, for a workshop entitled: Drawing inspiration from co-development to create scenarios for training videos. (French workshop)

When creating content for instructional, informative and educational purposes, the main challenge is to connect the knowledge to the audience that will receive it. With videos or podcasts, now inseparable from virtual or hybrid formats, this challenge has never been so present, and this is where the usual scenarios (including the famous "hero's journey") find their limits: they focus more on the story to be told than on how it will be received by the people who will listen to it and on the desired learning. While observing her clients constantly confronted with these problems, Aurélia Juif-Leclerc had the idea of crossing fields: what if we were to draw inspiration from the codevelopment* method to create video scenarios?

* Co-development is an approach of continuous education and professional development through group work. Sessions follow a segmented process and distinct roles are assigned to each participant.

Who is Aurélia Juif-Leclerc?

Since the beginning, Aurelia has been helping companies develop their business through the dissemination of their brand image. Strategies that, with her, have always taken shape in the creation of content, first written then audiovisual.

Through her experiences and new training, scriptwriting, technical production in the studio, co-development, animation and facilitation, have come to complete this expertise.

Today, Aurelia's practice is at the crossroads of all these approaches, a meeting point between the value of the message to be transmitted, the person who carries it, the respect and experience of the person who receives it, as well as the achievement of objectives (human and business).


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