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In Québec, since January 1, 2019, the Act respecting labour standards (LSA) requires employers to implement and make accessible to employees a policy for the prevention of psychological or sexual harassment and the handling of complaints. However, the implementation of a policy will not prevent the emergence of cases that could lead to psychological or sexual harassment.

Indeed, an existing policy and the best intentions are not enough. In practice, implementing a procedure does not mean that those involved will follow it. It is therefore necessary to inform and train employees to ensure a harassment-free workplace.

According to the LSA, the employer has an obligation of means. It must therefore act with prudence and diligence to prevent or stop harassment situations. A policy that does not exist, is misunderstood or is poorly applied has serious consequences. According to the study based on data from the 2016 General Social Survey on Canadians at Work and at Home, Statistics Canada found that 19% of women and 13% of men reported having been victims of harassment in the workplace in the previous year. 

Inadequate management of harassment obviously affects the psychological health of the victim and those around him or her, but it can also have a significant impact on the efficiency of businesses, not to mention legal action that can be very costly and have a considerable negative media impact. Failure to have a policy in place could also result in an offence and a fine under the LSA.


implementation of a policy AND TRAINING

Our team supports you in order to set up an internal policy adapted to your reality and offers you personalized tools to facilitate its implementation.  In addition to this support, your employees and managers have access to a 30-minute online training session.



We review your internal harassment policy with you: is it adapted to your reality? Does it come with the right tools to facilitate its implementation? Do your managers find it easy to follow? What about your employees?

Let's discuss you present situation!

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I'm Karine

LEGAL AND HUMAN RESOURCES ADVISOR with 15+ Years of experience.

I specialize in civil law issues relating to business law, labour law, labour relations in unionized and non-unionized environments, conflict resolution, management of disciplinary and administrative measures, dispute prevention and grievance arbitration.

As a lawyer specializing in labour law and CHRP, it will be with great pleasure that I will discuss with you the problems within your organization in order to find the best solutions. Indeed, whether it is a question of legal validations for the granting of administrative or disciplinary measures, the implementation or updating of your harassment policy or even to plan training within your company on the subject, I am available to support you.







With a strong focus on the actions and behaviours to adopt, this original online training presented by Octo D, approaches the subject of harassment from a new angle. We present you with an animated interactive module that puts you under the skin of six characters in as many different workplaces. You will experience their daily lives and will have to make decisions for each situation. The decisions are not always easy to make, just as in real life, we face subtleties and conflicting feelings even though the definition of harassment seems clear.

The goal is to contribute to a workplace where everyone knows how to prevent harassment in the workplace, to maintain a harassment-free environment and to know what to do if harassment is found to have occurred. 

Duration : 30 minutes
Languages : French & English
Format : HTML5, SCORM or tin can API

- Addition of a text or media as a conclusion to the training ($350 one language, $500 two languages)

- Personalization in the colors of your organization. (800$ for one language 1200$ two languages)

- Addition of customized scenarios for your organization 

- Implementation of a training management platform


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